Silverstone Village

Parish Council

Silverstone sign.

Clerk: Cherie Carruthers
PO Box 8034, Brackley
Northamptonshire NN13 9DJ

Tel: 07771933186

Silverstone Parish Plan

Latest Update

Following the exhibition in the Church Rooms attended by over 200 residents at the beginning of December, the comments received have been considered and, where appropriate, incorporated into a revised version dated January 2017. This is the version being submitted to South Northamptonshire Council for consideration and approval.

9th May 2017

During a statutory six week consultation period following publication of issue 2 of this document several comments and recommendations were received. All these are listed on page 40 and the action taken in response appear beside the comment.

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Neighbourhood Planning

There are three alternatives that local communities can consider using to influence or lead local planning policies, a Design Statement, a Parish Plan and a Neighbourhood Plan.

While the Parish Council is keen to get approval for the draft Parish Plan which will provide some protection for the village, there has been some enthusiasm shown by residents for going the next stage and developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village.

A presentation for Silverstone residents on 'Parish and Neighbourhood Plans' took place at South Northamptonshire Council's The Forum, on Tuesday January 17th 2017, and was attended by 36 residents including 7 Parish Councillors.

Whether to approve a motion to proceed to register to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Silverstone will be debated by councillors and voted upon at the Parish Council meeting on 13th February.